About Us

This is who we are

Quality products

Seniroxx (Pty) Ltd is a family-owned and family-run business which emphasizes ethical service for the community with affordable products of excellent quality.

Customers first

Seniroxx (Py) Ltd puts our customers’ needs first. We believe in earning from our service and products. Our raw materials are carefully selected to provide the end-consumer with the highest quality products. To make sure we provide the best products that we can, we implement strict quality-control measures from the sourcing of raw material to when the product is delivered in your hand. All of our products are pH-balanced.

Satisfactory products

Seniroxx (Pty) Ltd doesn’t shy away from introducing innovative processes, services and products to make sure we bring the most satisfactory products to our customers. We strive to keep the prices you pay as low as possible while maintaining the highest quality.

Sensory pleasure

Seniroxx (Pty) Ltd is currently an online store, however we will soon be opening a standalone store for our customers who would like to feel and touch our products before they make a purchase.